Interview with Sanguisugabogg: ' Devin and I especially are huge into horror shit. Working with Troma has been such a dream come true. '


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Sanguisugabogg is a new Brutal Death band from Columbus, Ohio, although their members have been on the road for years. On March 26 they released their debut album "Tortured Whole" through Century Media and a few days before we were able to talk to Cameron (guitarist) about the album,

Thank you very much for your time, how are you?

Pretty great actually!


How is the reception of your singles being

Its been pretty awesome. We’re just stoked to finally have more than just the EP out haha


You are a new band, but I suppose you have been in this for years. Have you been in previous projects?

Yeah, I’ve been in bands since I was like 14. Nothing really notable. Cody has like 300 bands that are all incredible and Devin has a few projects too.


For those who don't know you, who are you Sanguisugabogg and when were you born?

Sanguisugabogg is Down Tuned Drug Death made up of Cameron Boggs, Cody Davidson, Devin Swank and Ced Davis. We were born February of 2019.


Century Media has just signed you to release your debut album, what does it mean for you to sign for a label like century media?

Its pretty surreal. When we were recording Pornographic Seizures I didn’t think anyone would probably ever listen to that EP. its been a pretty insane uphill from the release of that, though, and im really excited where its taken us!

Did you imagine this rapid ascent?

Not at all. Cody and I just kinda started this project for fun not even really thinking we’d ever play shows. Its still pretty insane to us that its become such a huge part of our life and where we are gonna go from here with it.


Although you are a death metal band where gore is very present (typical of many death metal bands) I have read that you take things with a lot of humor. We just have to watch the Menstrual Envy video clip to see the humorous tone you use

We’re goofy dudes and we like to have fun. Everything just kinda comes together naturally like this with us whether we want to seem like we are dickin around or not. We’re some stoned ass goof balls.


I've even read that Boggs usually listens to a lot of Hip Hop. Will we end up listening to a hip hop song mixed with death metal?

Nah probably not. I do love hip hop a whole lot but I just don’t think we would ever go that far. I will, however, incorporate that groove into our sound and heaviness forever, though.


I suppose you are lovers of horror and gore movies. Moreover, I think you are working with the film production company Troma

Oh yeah, Devin and I especially are huge into horror shit. Working with Troma has been such a dream come true.


And now the typical question: What are your main influences as a band?

Dying Fetus, Mortician, Tucker era Morbid Angel, Animosity, Three Six Mafia, Tommy Wright III, Madonna


How was the writing process of the album? Do all the members participate in the compositions?

It took a lot of weed, LSD, and time alone to piece together riffs. Honestly, I don’t remember writing a whole lot of the riffs, but 98% of the album was me writing riffs and songs and bringing them to Cody to drum to and then just workin through them.


Did you think of including any of the songs from your demo for this album?

It was suggested for us to do so multiple times, but im really not very into redoing songs like that.


How is the pandemic affecting you, have you had to cancel concerts?

Yeah, we had a bunch of fuckin sick tours starting to be worked up and then dropped. Its all a bummer of course but I think we’ve used the time off as a weapon. The LP is 100% better than it would have been if we had to do it between tours and we’ve also been given more time to do videos and write more. So its not all too bad.


How is 2021 coming, do you plan to do a release party for TORTURED WHOLE?

its pretty good! Working on some plans for after the LP comes out already. I’ll probably have a party at my house with the homies. 


Do you already have some dates closed for this 2021 or 2022?

Not really sure yet, Everyone seems to have a different opinion on when things will be happening again so I just haven’t been trying to get my hopes up yet.


For our part it is all, we wish you good luck with your album and we hope that you can play it live as soon as possible both in the US and in Europe and in Spain if it could be.

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to be runnin around having beers all over the world again. Lets grab a beer when we get to come over there, cool?