Interview with Enforced: 'We did not write the album during the pandemic, but it has influenced us. It’s made us think differently about stuff...'


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Enforced is a Crossover thrash band from Virginia (USA) that this coming Friday will release their long-awaited second album "Kill Grid" through Century Media. A few days before, we got in touch with the band who were kind enough to answer our questions.

Hello, thank you very much for your time, how are you?

We are doing very well. Thanks! We are always excited to do interviews haha.

How is the reception of your new single "Curtain Fire" being?

It’s been good so far. "Curtain Fire" was a song we were excited to get out to folks. It’s the first one we’ve released with no typical fast thrash beats so it was kind of nerve racking but it’s been good!

It is your second album, first with Century Media. Your first album caught the attention of the specialized press. But for those who do not know the band, who are Enforced and when was the band born?

Band started around the end of 2016, we were all doing punk and hardcore bands before this, just playing music around town, basements, local venues etc.

We dropped a demo in early 2017 (Demo 2017), then another demo tape very early 2018 (Retaliation), then got the call from WAR Records to do a record, and we did a compilation of the 2 demos, and 2 new songs we had been working on originally for our first LP, but thought these 2 tracks would fit well with the 2 demos. That compilation record is,"At The Walls". That was released 2019, then we toured a ton and then got the call from Century Media.

What are your main influences?

Working your ass off. Haha really though, a lot of different music. Noise rock, hardcore, punk, metal, pop, pretty much anything. 

I would say my main influences are early 80s metal, Maiden, Priest, Scorpions, as well as pinnacle death/thrash - Death, Slayer, Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer, Devastation, Morbid Saint, Kreator, Sodom, Obituary.

What has it meant for you to sign for a label like Century Media?

It is great to get recognized for working hard, touring, grinding, etc. It has meant that we now have another level of work. It’s a whole other way to grind and work.

Did you write the album during the pandemic, has it influenced you?

We did not write the album during the pandemic, but it has influenced us. It’s made us think differently about stuff we could do to keep busy, and to keep everyone interested.

How was the process of writing and recording the album? I think for this album you have also worked with Bob Quirk and Arthur Rizk for the mixing and mastering.

We wrote a lot of the record in 2019 actually before At The Walls came out. We are just always riffing ideas and working stuff out. Then the songs actually aren’t actually all solidified and stuff until we are almost about to go into the studio.

Yes we did work with Bob again, he is our wizard! We work so well with him and we are so fortunate to have a producer and engineer right here in Richmond to work with. Arthur did such a great job with "At The Walls" and giving that record/demos 
new life and we wanted to work with him again. He understands what we want stuff to sound like.

What differences can we find in "Kill Grid" with respect to your previous work, either in the lyrical theme or in your sound? 
In terms of sound I have to say that it sounds the same or more brutal than "At The Walls".

I think Knox’s lyrical sentiments are somewhat similar. Militarism, fantasy, some political tendencies and social issues. I think he has and always will be a hardcore frontman, that stuff means a lot to him and he is good at melding those topics into Enforced songs.

I think the music is a little bit more fleshed out and we tried to consider the album as a whole rather than "At The Walls" which was 2 demos, 2 new tracks, smash bang fusion.

How is the pandemic affecting you as a band, Are you going to be able to do a release party? How are the restrictions right now in the US? In Europe and in Spain specifically concerts and music: zero, nothing at all.

We are hoping to do something special for the album release, I won’t go into it right now. People are trying to be responsible, especially in the hardcore and punnk communities. There haven’t been shows since last March. Yeah it is similar to Europe/Spain. It sucks!!! Hopefully by this autumn maybe?

Do you have any dates closed for this 2021, or 2022?

We do not have any shows booked at this moment.

What bands would you like to tour with?

Perfect tour would be in Europe, during summer, festivals, and then in between the festivals, it’s Sodom, Obituary, Gatecreepr, Enforced.

Have you ever been to Europe, specifically Spain?

No I haven’t been to Spain, but I have been to Europe when I was playing with Red Death.

For our part it is everything, we wish you good luck with the release of your album, we hope that you can play it live as soon as possible and that you will soon be able to tour and come to Europe and Spain.

Thank you very much!!

Thank you so much for asking about the record - we hope to get to Europe and Spain ASAP!!!!