Interview with Bewitcher: 'We went for a warmer production sound on this record and focused a little more on atmospherics in certain spots'



The North American band from Portland (Oregon) Bewitcher will publish on April 16th their third album "Cursed Be Thy Kingdom" through Century Media
We didn´t miss the opportunity to ask a series of questions to his vocalist and guitarist M. von Bewitcher who kindly answered us.

Hello, thanks for your time. How are you?

Thanks for yours, I'm doing ok!

How is the reception of your singles being?

Overall it has been very positive. We always get the typical crybabies complaining that the songs aren't fast enough, etc., but the vast majority of feedback seems to indicate that people are digging the new stuff.

For those who do not know the band, when and how was Bewitcher born?

The band formed in 2013 officially as a studio project, with myself and Andy making demo tapes in his apartment. The band we were in together was ending and I had an idea for a new project that would be inspired heavily by the likes of Venom, Bathory, Motorhead and Celtic Frost, among many others.

"Cursed Be Thy Kingdom" is your third album, first with Century Media. What difference can we find with respect to "Under The Witching Cross"?

We went for a warmer production sound on this record and focused a little more on atmospherics in certain spots. The songwriting is just an expansion of the things we started doing on "Witching Cross", leaning a little more into our traditional metal and hard rock influences.

What is it like working for a label like Century Media?

There's a lot more to do on the business end of things now, so it's been an adjustment for us on a day-to-day level. But they've been very supportive of the band so far and seem to be doing what they can to get the band out front as much as possible.

You have a style very from the time of the old glories of rock but with a freshness of the XXI century. What are your influences?

Aside from the bands I already mentioned, we're pretty heavily influenced by the NWOBHM, 70's hard rock, old punk, blues, and early 80's proto-black metal.


I have read that your first albums, you did not have drums and that they were programmed, I suppose that now everything will be much easier.

Haha, we only did on the early demo material. We've been playing with a live drummer since 2015.

How is the pandemic affecting you as a band, have you been able to tour this past 2020?

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to play live since February 2020. It has given us the time to focus more on the record, which was good, but now it's time to get the fuck back on stage again!

Do you have any dates closed for this 2021?

Not yet, but we hope to have some news later this year!

For our part it is all, we wish you good luck with the new album and we hope you can present it live as soon as possible and you can also play in Spain.

Thanks! We very much look forward to that day as well. We can't wait to visit Spain for the first time and terrorize your lovely countryside! Cheers!