Interview to Serpent Omega: 'If it’s a good riff it’s a good riff. Doesn’t have to be harder than that really.'

SErpent Omega photo band

foto: Jonas Husbom

Serpent Omega is a band from Sweden that mixes doom and sludge with styles like black metal or death. Now they have just released their second album 'II' through the label "Icons Creating Evil Art" and we didn´t miss the opportunity to interview their singer Urskogr and their bassist Brief.

Hello, thank you very much for your time. How are you?

Urskogr: Hi! Thank you, we’re doing pretty okay despite these weird pandemic times.

On September 4th your long awaited second album "II" will be released. Your debut album was very well received by both critics and fans. For those who do not know you. When and how was Serpent Omega born?

Brief: Back in 2009 I wanted to form a band that never ever compromised with being the heaviest possible. I wanted Jonsson to be in it but he lived Gothenburg at the time. When I got around to talk to him during a visit he said he already had a drummer and some riffs. We merged our ideas and rehearsed a couple of times, had the first 4 songs of the old album ready in a few days. We didn't have a singer though so we started looking, then we found Urskogr at the same time as the old drummer left. With my brother-in-law Sakke as a drummer and Urskogr singing everything felt right and we had our first real lineup and started to do gigs.

You do a mix of doom, sludge, black metal, I guess being in a country like Sweden the different influences of death, black metal will be something natural. How did doom and sludge appear, did you want to make this mix or was it a process that came out naturally?

Brief: Quite natural as it's one of my biggest influences when it comes to genres.
Urskogr: And we don’t discuss what genres or anything.

If it’s a good riff it’s a good riff. Doesn’t have to be harder than that really.

There has always been talk of Stockholm or Gothenburg but you come from Uppsala, where bands like Watain or In Solitude have come from. How is the Uppsala scene today?

Brief: It's still alive, new bands pop up all the time.

Tell me a little about your second album, how was the writing and recording process? Where did you record it?

Brief: We mainly write songs in the rehearsal room. Jonsson recorded it and we hired a mixing engineer (Robert Pehrsson, Studio Humbucker) and a mastering engineer (Magnus Lindberg Productions) this time. Those guys made a great job and a huge difference.

For this album you have signed with the label "Icons Creating Evil Art". How is your experience with them being?

Urskogr: At least they’re around still, compared to Mordgrimm who just vanished into thin air. And they work hard to promote the album, which we of course appreciate.

You make an analog sound and above all organic, but the main thing is the guitar riffs. Is there a main composer, or do you all participate equally?

Brief: You mean the bassriffs of course! Me and Jonsson have written most of the music but everyone is involved at all stages down to am atomic level, nothing passes if someone disagrees.

In "II" I see more melodic lines on the guitars and a great job in the production. It sounds like a cleaner sound but it is not less dense for that. You have also changed the drums for this album.

Brief: - that's probably right, mostly because we have had more professional gear at setups for the recording process, but also due to Robert and Magnus job in postrecording.

On the other hand, I have been fascinated by Urskogr's voice and its different vocal tones. Is she the main composer of the lyrics or is it something you do together?

Urskogr: We all write lyrics, but perphaps I do the majority of them since I rewrite some of the lyrics I get from Jonsson & Brief in order to make them fit the songs.

Brief: Yeah, we all have rough ideas but Urskogr lays the final hand to them usually.

What plans does the band have for the future? Have you been able to close any date for this 2020, or 2021? I know that in Sweden the measures are not as restrictive for the pandemic as in other countries

Brief: No, nothing except the Macken fest which was moved to next year.

Urskogr: We’re working on a few alternatives too at the moment.

Have you had the opportunity to come to Spain? Swedish rock and metal are very followed in Spain. In our case we are big fans of Swedish bands.

Urskogr: Haven’t had the chance yet but we’re looking forward to come to Spain to play!
Brief - haven't been there to play but i've spent alot of time in Barcelona and lived there with some buddies for a while. Still good friends with the guys in ex lords of bukkake and Tort.

For our part that's all, thank you very much, good luck with your new album and we hope to see you soon in Spain.

Urskogr: Cheers!

Brief : Thank you!